Sonja Styblo

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About Coach Sonja Styblo

Having survived a labyrinth of harmful psychiatric systems to emerge as a licensed psychotherapist, Sonja Styblo combines psychiatric survivor lived experience with professional skills.

After walking away from unhelpful psychotropic prescriptions in her twenties, Sonja  experienced a severe “protracted withdrawal syndrome” that lasted years after cessation from benzodiazepines and a handful of additional psychotropics. In mutual aid spaces, she went on to assist others experiencing psychotropic -induced, central nervous system damage. Sonja understands the medical gaslighting and litany of debilitating effects that can result from psychiatric medications and practices firsthand, as well as strategies to survive them. She brings niche skills, personal experience, and ongoing interest in the intersection of psychotropics and trauma.

Sonja has post- healing experience providing services to vulnerable populations- people experiencing homelessness, addicts and those with refugee status. She holds graduate certificate credits in addiction counseling.

Believing in the healing power of empowerment, Sonja serves on the board of a grassroots nonprofit and has organized policy change efforts, been featured in a documentary, and conducted research related to medically caused benzodiazepine harm (not associated with addiction or atypical overprescription).

Sonja feels honored to walk with you in your healing journey.

Sonja's Specialties

Sessions with Sonja are for withdrawal coaching only. She cannot and will not serve as your medical provider. Upon booking, you will sign a “Coaching Agreement” where you must acknowledge that in working with you, Sonja serves solely as a coach, and in no other capacity.

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