What can Withdrawal Coaching entail?

Individual Support

Individual support for the Coachee enduring psychotropic medication withdrawal can include, but is not limited to taper planning (in collaboration with your medical provider) and feedback; symptom tracking; overall validation and understanding; providing general education and existing resources about tapering and withdrawal; referrals to supportive spaces; emotional support, motivation, and empowerment; support for protracted individuals; tips for coping and mindset; sharing personal experience and anecdotes; and support during reintegration after withdrawal. 

Family & Relationship Support**

Withdrawal doesn’t just affect the sufferer, it can impact everyone around them. Sometimes family and loved ones struggle to understand how a prescribed medication can wreak so much havoc on the health and life of their loved one. Our withdrawal coaches are available to meet with spouses, family, friends, and other important people in the Coachee’s life who need information, reassurance, and guidance on how to best be supported throughout psychotropic medication withdrawal.

Consulting with Coachee’s Doctor, Therapist, or other Professional**

Your withdrawal Coach can meet with your existing medical professional(s) to provide information, support, and education about tapering and the withdrawal process. Collaboration can be valuable, if not indispensable, to success and healing.

In-Person Support*

Depending on your location, some Coaches offer all of the above in person, on a limited and case-by-case basis, via travel or already residing in close proximity. 

*Some Coaches may offer and/or specialize in some services that others do not. Each Coach’s respective bio page has a list of their specialties. **Coachee must provide written consent for their withdrawal coach to communicate with others.

What are the benefits of Coaching?

Medication tapering and withdrawal support provide invaluable assistance to individuals who are looking to safely and effectively reduce or discontinue their medication usage. The process involves a gradual and controlled reduction of medication dosage under the guidance of a healthcare professional or coach. By implementing tapering protocols tailored to individual needs, the risks and discomfort associated with abrupt cessation or rapid dose reduction can be minimized. Tapering and withdrawal support offer numerous benefits, including reducing withdrawal symptoms, managing potential side effects, and providing emotional and practical support throughout the process. Additionally, individuals receive personalized strategies to cope with challenges, monitor progress, and make informed decisions about their medication journey. With the support of a trained professional, individuals can navigate the complexities of medication tapering and withdrawal more confidently, promoting overall well-being and a smoother transition towards a medication-free or reduced medication approach.

Withdrawal Coaching is not:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Medical advice or a replacement for ongoing medical care
  • A substitute for traditional mental healthcare
  • An appointment with a doctor, mid-level provider (physician assistant, nurse practitioner), pharmacist, nurse, or a licensed dietician-nutritionist.
Support group session with diverse participants.
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