Dan Landauer, CPPS

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About Coach Dan Landauer

Coach Dan Landauer is a psychiatric drug withdrawal coach who has first-hand experience with the destruction these drugs inflict and is dedicated to helping others heal and recover from their damaging effects. In 2015, Dan entered a treatment center and survived a rapid 9-day taper from a cocktail of prescription drugs. His health was devastated, his mental faculties were severely damaged, and he suffered from a barrage of horrifying symptoms. After spending years recovering, Dan has found a new drive and passion in helping others who are suffering the same as he was and works to help pull them up from the trenches of psych drug damage. 

Dan is the founder and creator of Philosophical Fishing, an online space that seeks to bring light, healing, and awareness to benzodiazepine and psychiatric drug injuries. His dedication has earned him a loyal following that he has fostered, and has become a beautiful collective of people that support and encourage each other through their healing journeys. Through Philosophical Fishing, Dan collaborates with others in the Benzo community across various social media platforms to help spread awareness and hope via interviews, podcasts, and videos. Due to Dan’s unwavering involvement in his recovery community, he has witnessed the therapeutic effects that result from identifying with someone who has been where they are. He now utilizes that understanding to help gently guide others to walk the path toward deep healing. 


Dan brings to his coaching years of experience helping people who are enduring the agony of chemical dependency, homelessness, prescription drug withdrawal, abuse, mental health issues, and other difficult life circumstances. He has worked to establish weekly meetings at his local hospital psychiatric unit and has served there as a volunteer coordinator, helping to ensure that people would have a safe place each week to talk with someone in recovery. He has founded, organized, and coordinated meetings at a prominent drug treatment center, helping to spread his message of hope by speaking to hundreds of patients each week, many of whom have been badly injured by prescription drugs. He has also volunteered hundreds of hours by speaking at detox facilities, homeless shelters, hospitals, and rehabs and has compassionately assisted people by helping to place them into medical facilities for alcohol and drug detoxification. In addition to tirelessly helping those who suffer, Dan also offers support to family members and loved ones of people damaged by psychiatric drugs, who may be at a loss on how best to help them. Dan will earnestly consult with doctors and healthcare providers on behalf of his clients in order to help doctors better understand their patients’ barrage of confusing symptoms. 

With a diverse background of lived experience, coupled with formal training, Dan brings forth a unique perspective and empathetic approach to coaching. A trauma survivor who was diagnosed with multiple psychiatric labels, Dan is familiar with the medical system and the failures and shortcomings of the psychiatric profession in helping people to truly heal and create lasting change. In addition to his lived experience, Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, is a certified life coach, and is a certified peer support specialist. He is passionate and committed to healthy living, giving to others all that he can, encouraging people that they have a purpose, and striving to continually become a better version of himself. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and 2 children. When not coaching, Dan loves fishing, hiking, biking, meditating, playing guitar, and finding meaningful connections with others. He plans to remain focused on being a guiding light for others still in the depths of prescription drug injuries. 

Dan's Specialties

Sessions with Dan are for withdrawal coaching only. He cannot and will not serve as your medical provider. Upon booking, you will sign a “Coaching Agreement” where you must acknowledge that in working with you, Dan serves solely as a coach, and in no other capacity.

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