Chris Paige, LCSW

Is Benzo Withdrawal Injury Permanent?

About Coach Chris Paige, LCSW

Meet Chris Paige, LCSW, a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, specializing in trauma-informed therapy and coaching. With a philosophy of “From Surviving to Thriving,” Chris welcomes you to his realm of healing and empowerment.

Drawing from over 25 years of experience, Chris has honed his craft in resolving trauma using innovative approaches. His journey began with a frustration towards the limitations of traditional talk therapy, igniting a passion to achieve lasting results in just a few sessions. Chris’s methodology is grounded in an integrated approach, weaving together Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), and body-based therapy techniques. His path is a beacon for those seeking emotional healing at warp speed.

Coach Chris Paige is a seasoned professional with a profound history of healing. He holds a Master’s of Social Work from Barry University, complemented by undergraduate studies at Southern Methodist University. Chris’s expertise spans diverse settings, and his influence extends even to professional and Olympic athletes, helping them achieve peak performance. His journey has been featured on Dateline NBC, addressing children of divorce, and in the national magazine “Muses and Visionaries,” where his column “On the Couch with Chris Paige” delved into insightful discussions. Trained in hypnosis, EMDR, the Safe and Sound Protocol, and Somatic Psychotherapy, Chris’s toolbox is a dynamic fusion of techniques.

A survivor of multiple traumas and iatrogenic injury, Chris Paige brings a unique perspective to his work. With personal insights as an adoptee and a wounded healer, he guides clients back to wholeness. Proficient in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, and bereavement, Chris’s prowess is evident in his ability to navigate early life issues, chronic conditions, mood and anxiety concerns. His journey boasts accomplishments such as presenting at national and international conferences, teaching diagnostic skills to Master’s level students, and contributing to national publications.

Moreover, Chris is a staunch advocate for individuals grappling with psychotropic drug withdrawal and pharmaceutical-induced injuries. In his practice, you’ll find a compassionate, non-pathological approach to personalized treatment, reflecting his commitment to your well-being.

Chris's Specialties

Sessions with Chris are for withdrawal coaching only. He cannot and will not serve as your medical provider. Upon booking, you will sign a “Coaching Agreement” where you must acknowledge that in working with you, Chris serves solely as a coach, and in no other capacity.

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