Diagnostic Clarification

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What is diagnostic clarification?

Are you concerned that you have been misdiagnosed and potentially prescribed a treatment regimen that may not be helpful? We can offer second opinion consultations to help clarify your diagnosis and ensure that you are on the best treatment. 

patients are frequently misdiagnosed with psychiatric conditions in two ways:

  1. A provider misdiagnoses a drug reaction or withdrawal reaction as a primary psychiatric condition
  2. A provider, typically one who is rushed and working in shorter treatment visits, diagnoses you based solely on symptoms, rather than a comprehensive psychiatric history. This can result in PTSD, social stressors, or psychological issues being misdiagnosed as primary psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder

Why is diagnostic clarification important?

We encounter many individuals who may have been erroneously diagnosed with serious psychiatric disorders. If these diagnoses are incorrect they can lead to serious long-term health consequences. 

Commonly misdiagnosed conditions we see are:

  1. Withdrawal reactions from psychiatric medications are misdiagnosed as other psychiatric conditions. Oftentimes resulting in the unnecessary continuance of the medications
  2. Adverse reactions to psychiatric medications such as mania or agitation from antidepressants, being misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder. Often leading to the addition of antipsychotic or mood stabilizer medications which have significant long term health consequences
  3. Substance use disorder being misdiagnosed as psychotic or bipolar disorders resulting in the unnecessary introduction for antipsychotic medication
  4. PTSD and personality disorder misdiagnosed as depressive and bipolar illnesses, resulting in an overemphasis on pharmacologic treatments and a neglect of more efficacious psychotherapeutic interventions. 

Unfortunately, a misdiagnosis and an incorrect treatment approach can delay improvements in your overall functioning and mental wellbeing. At worst, they can lead to serious long-term health consequences. 

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How we can help

A primary focus of our clinic is untangelling webs of psychiatric misdiagnosis and getting patients back on the right treatment. We spend a substantial amount of time with our patients during our initial visits to map the entire history of their psychiatric symptoms. We will ensure that you have not been correctly diagnosed. If you have been incorrectly diagnosed we will provide a safe plan to correct your treatment plan to get you on a safer treatment plan. 

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