Stories of Transformation

Meet Heidi

Heidi found herself caught in the grips of dependency on Xanax during the challenging initial year of COVID. The fear of stopping the medication cold turkey loomed large in her mind, as she had previously experienced the terrifying ordeal of withdrawal. Despite her genuine desire to break free from the dependency, she felt trapped and uncertain about how to proceed.

Meet Terri

Terri’s journey began when she started researching various health issues that seemed unrelated, only to discover that the benzodiazepine she had been prescribed for her insomnia was likely the root cause. After taking the medication for over a decade, Terri realized it was time to taper off, but her initial doctor’s approach left her debilitated and in need of more supportive care.

Meet Brian

Brian’s journey towards overcoming anxiety and reducing his reliance on anti-anxiety medication was significantly aided by the guidance of Dr. Marissa. With a clear and structured approach, Dr. Witt-Doerring outlined the path forward, ensuring Brian felt supported every step of the way. Through their expertise and compassionate guidance, Brian was able to make gradual progress toward his goals. Brian highly recommends Dr. Marissa Witt-Doerring to anyone facing similar challenges, as they provide invaluable assistance for individuals seeking to make positive changes in their lives but struggling with the process.

Meet Jamie

Jamie’s journey began during a challenging and confusing time when they reached out to Dr. Marissa. Despite initial fear, Jamie found solace in the calm demeanor and levelheaded truthfulness displayed by Dr. Witt-Doerring throughout their collaboration. Going the extra mile, Dr. Witt-Doerring actively sought to understand Jamie’s specific needs, working collaboratively to identify treatment and care options that were suitable for them. Reflecting on the journey, Jamie is struck by the genuine sense of being heard. During each session, Jamie consistently felt genuinely heard and valued.

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